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After a long delay, though no less welcome for that, the Times Literary Supplement of 15 June 2018 contains an excellent review by Rohan Maitzen of  my latest book Agatha Christie and Shrewd Miss Marple. The book which was published last September explores the curious, and to my mind central, relationship between the author and one of her most celebrated fictional characters. It is published under my own imprint Priskus Books, distributed by York Publishing Services, and available as both paperback and ebook.  For further details, and how to buy a copy, just click  Agatha Christie and Shrewd Miss Marple.    

I have now deleted from this site two of the articles about Agatha Christie because much of the material they contained is now absorbed within the book. But this is not so true of Miss Marple and Amelia Butterworth which is retained.  And, I have added two entirely new articles,  Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple  and St. Mary Mead and Crawley New Town, both of which can be read here. Just click the titles. 

My previous book Autobiographical Tales is still available. Click the title here for more information.